Down Under Rum on Top


Australia’s own Holey Dollar Rum has upstaged many
better known brands in the just announced 2009
International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) with
the prized TROPHY for ‘BEST RUM” of the competition
being awarded to the over-proof ‘Gold Coin’. In addition
Holey Dollar Silver Coin Premium Rum at 40% alc.vol
won Gold, Best in Class; Holey Dollar Gold Coin
Overproof Rum at 57.2% alc.vol won Gold Best in Class;
and Holey Dollar Cask Strength Platinum Coin at 75.9%
won Gold, Best in Class. Full details of the competition
are available at
Coins were scarce in the early Australian settlement and
rum became the preferred currency. In 1793 the NSW
Corps took control of all rum arriving by ship and became
known as ‘The Rum Corps’. Governor Bligh tried to halt
this enterprise in 1808 only to be arrested by the Rum
Corps and sent back to England. Prized rum arrived by
ship from the best sugar producing nations, and the rum
in this bottle is a recreation of that valuable drop. Sourced
from hand-cut sugar cane in the fertile tropics of Fiji and
distilled in pot stills, giving a distinctive rich, dark texture
and a smooth full bodied flavours.
In 1813 Spanish coins were punched to create a small coin
and a ‘holey dollar’ the availability of which superseded
rum as currency. In all respects Holey Dollar Rum is as
strong as the early Australian spirit.
Holey Dollar is distilled by a unique “wood fired” copper
Pot Still. The rum is then aged for three (3) years in small
oak barrels, significantly longer than most rum and the
formula certainly impressed the expert Panel at the IWSC,
in London. Tasting notes distributed by the judges are:

SILVER COIN: Deep gold. Rich,
full, exotic nose with delicate
weave of spice and floral notes.
Attractive earthy and dark sugar
notes. Deep flavour in the mouth
with rich treacle and some bitter,
but attractive, caramel notes.
Hints of raisin, prune and vanilla.
Long, power packed finish.

GOLD COIN: Medium, bright
gold. Similar exotic characters as
above but all in greater profusion.
Floral and spice mingle with earth
and dark sugar. All carry into the
mouth where all the flavours are
highlighted by the clean, spirited
lift. Wonderful twist of smoke
links all the flavours and leads
into another, full powered finish.

PLATINUM COIN: Dark bronze.
Tropical fruits where ripe banana
reigns supreme lead on the nose
with floral and spice following.
Brown sugar, caramel and
vanilla. Deep full flavoured mouth
where all the flavours are given a
great fillip from the clean
alcoholic lift. Great combination
of rum and fruitcake characters.
Impressive, aromatic finish.

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“Even though our heritage is entwined with rum, nearly all
the rum offerings in Australia are from foreign owned
companies. We can now proudly provide Australians with
a top quality rum, produced in the style that our forebears
drank, from a wholly Australian-owned company.”

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