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31 Dec

Rum on the Money

Here is a dispassionate and accurate summary of the great Cap’n Morgan hijack. Rumpundit has consistently suggested other Caribbean islands should get dibs on this cash, and in these times of stress, it’s worth pointing out that $13-50 a gallon excise duty on spirits is minimal compared with other countries’ duties – almost as much […]

29 Dec

Ord River Rum rows upstream.

Big boys give liquor man a rum deal in the cities * Tony Barrass * From: The Australian * December 29, 2009 12:00AM RAYMOND Bernard Dessert III, better known around the east Kimberley town of Kununurra as Spike Dessert, doesn’t want to sound paranoid, but he’s certain there are forces out to get him. The […]

24 Dec

Spirited Christmas and New Year

The Rum Pundit invites everyone to celebrate the Season-and the 90th Anniversary of Prohibition. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Cheerful Channukah and Carefree Kwaanza. Feel free to be irresponsible in the comfort of your own home! Ian Williams,

23 Dec

Prepare to repel Lobbyists!

The USVI deal to build Cap’n Morgan a new haven is meeting increasing heat, and has moved on from the silliness of tying to Obama bashing and stimulus packages. I still think Caricom should be banging on the doors in Washington and at the WTO demanding rebate on US excise duties..but I have to admit […]

11 Dec

Novia Scotia Rum

A safe harbour for N.S. rum Lunenburg distiller to make traditional and new libations By CHRIS LAMBIE Business Editor Fri. Dec 11 – 4:46 AM A Lunenburg couple opening the South Shore’s first distillery this spring had not planned, at first, to make rum. But in a town built on the trade of salt fish […]

11 Dec

Slaves to Rum

Cruzan Rum’s owners deny slavery ties in USVI Published on Friday, December 11, 2009 Email To Friend Print Version ST CROIX, USVI — In recent weeks, the issue has been raised of disclosure by corporations in the US Virgin Islands that operated during the slavery era. Legislation which would “require existing and new corporations to […]

11 Dec

Black Caucus stirs the Rumpot

By T.W. Farnam A rum war is stirring up Capitol Hill. The congressional delegates from the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico are fighting over a tax law used as part of a deal to move production of Captain Morgan spiced rum from one island to the other. Captain Morgan rum is now produced in Puerto […]

09 Dec

St Nicholas slays the Canadians

Where rum needs no umbrella Friday, December 4th, 2009 | 3:00 pm Canwest News Service We’re in the old stone tasting room at historic St. Nicholas Abbey on Barbados, surrounded by copper-pot stills and oak barrels and the nose- ticklingly spicy aroma of the aged rum in our glasses. Outside, the warm Caribbean breeze rustles […]

09 Dec

Mad Bird in the pink in Wisconsin

Salud! Mad Bird flies in the face of traditional rum * Story * Discussion Font Size: Default font size Larger font size By CHRIS MARTELL | | 608-252-6179 | Posted: Tuesday, December 8, 2009 5:00 am | No Comments Posted buy this photo Mad Bird rum Submitted photo Rum conjures up thoughts of Caribbean […]

09 Dec

Don Q y Las Doñas

Don Q Puerto Ricos Premium Rum Launches an Innovative Digital Marketing Campaign with LadyData. Traditionally, liquor brands allocate less than 1% of their marketing budget to digital marketing initiatives. By contrast, DonQ Rum invests 30%. Roberto J. Serrallés, of Serrallés USA, exclusive distributors of Puerto Rico’s preferred rum, DonQ, announces the launch of LadyData, a […]

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