Havana Club – Master’s Choice

I hope their tasters are better than their translators. Whatever happened to their 15 year old, which even in Havana was ridiculously priced? – Rum Pundit.

New Brand of Havana Club Rum to Hit the Market Soon

HAVANA, Cuba, Aug 26 (acn) Havana Club International S.A. will soon launch a new brand of this world famous Cuban rum created in 1878.

Cuban News Agency

“Seleccion de Maestros” (Masters’ Choice) is the name of this new rum of 43 degrees of alcohol in whose preparation participated all rum masters who chose the best barrels for its production.

Sergio Valdes, director of the Exports Division of the rum company, told ACN that, because of the high quality of the product, its price will almost double that of the Havana Club 7 Years.

He added that the company is currently working on improving the image of their products with new bottles and labels with the history of Havana
Club Rum.

Havana Club currently sales more than 3.2 million boxes of rum bottles in more than 140 countries, with revenues of over $122 million.

2 thoughts on “Havana Club – Master’s Choice

  1. Ihave a bottle of the 15 year gran reserva and san christobal rum by havana club ,should i drink them or save them.

  2. Premium spirits have been rising in price at auctions. But I usually try to get two bottles of everything, one to save and one to savour. In the end it is your call – as long as you drink them with friends and reverence. And don’t let them add coke.

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