Another Stiff One on the Way

ronjeremy-rum.jpg Rum, as all alcohol, is meant for adults. Next year, however, infamous adult star Ron Jeremy is launching his “adult” rum, making him another Johnny-come-lately–or Ronny-come-lately, if you’ll indulge–on the celebrity booze scene. Ron de Jeremy, which will be available next month for sale online, is a “well-balanced” 7-year-old Panamanian rum.

The “adult” vibe is evident at the very least in its wink-wink description: “The oak comes through robustly and satisfyingly […] The finish is elegant and long.”

While most celebs are known for their boozing of a different kind (see: Celebrity Rehab, Lindsay Lohan, and so on) famous names are now putting their monikers on bottles of liquor.

The Huffington Post has a round-up of the new faces on the top shelf, including shock rocker Marilyn Manson’s absinthe, Mansinthe, Willie Nelson’s Old Whiskey River Bourbon, Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo Tequila, and a whole lotta vodka, from Donald Trump to Flava Flav’s flavors, and Dan Ackroyd’s Crystal Head.

Do celebs make better liquors? Or should they just stick to shilling for swill?

Just What the DR Ordered

Got to doubt the bit about distillation since Christopher Columbus! But he did plant the first sugar cane in the Western Hemisphere there! – Rumpundit.

Notitas De Noticias

Tuesday December 28, 2010

‘Dominican Rum’ Must be Made from Sugar Cane Says Dominican Officials or Its Not Our Rum


Published at 9:56 am, December 28, 2010

Rum manufacturers have been actively defending the collective “Dominican rum” brand, and its requirements of being manufactured from sugar cane.

Rum, or ron as its known throughout Latin America, is the national drink of the country and has been distilled there since Christopher Columbus first brought sugarcane from Spain.  Dominican Rum is recognized as the oldest in the Americas.

Rum manufacturers back the decision of the government entities, namely the Department of Taxes, Customs Department and the Department of Norms and Quality Control Systems (Digenor) that have rejected rum products that do not follow the sugar cane requirement as well as other distilling requirements and still designate themselves as Dominican rum, and use that name in their marketing.

Digenor issued Resolution Digenor-10 XII-RTD 447 on December 22, 2010, rejecting alternative products that may position themselves as Dominican rum, as is the case of Ron Punta Cana, a rum-flavored drink.

Bright Day for Bundy Black Fans

Crowd braves rain for Bundy Black

13th December 2010


EAGER punters lined up overnight outside the Bundaberg Rum Bondstore to get their hands on a bottle of limited edition Bundaberg Black.

Distillery manager Anthony Mortimer welcomes local identity Barry Bogan to the bar where he eagerly pours out a glass of his new Bundaberg Black. Photo: Max Fleet/NewsMail
Max Fleet BUNRUM
Launch of Bundaberg Black
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IT would have taken a lot to dampen spirits of those queuing outside the Bundaberg Rum Bondstore yesterday when eager punters lined up to get their hands on a bottle of limited edition Bundaberg Black.

Die-hard fans started lining up at the store at about midday on Saturday despite the doors not opening until 10am yesterday.

South Kolan woman Michelle Kelly, who was third in line, arrived at 1.30pm on Saturday.

“My son collects rum and I’m here for him for his Christmas present,” she said.

Ms Kelly said the rain did not deter anyone from the line overnight.

“It was fantastic, we had a game of cricket and made some great friends,” she said.

Ms Kelly was just one of the many customers who let out a whoop of joy once they got their hands on their precious bottle.

A heavy downpour of rain just minutes after the shop had opened did not deter those in line, who did not move, unwilling to give up their place in line.

Only 12,000 bottles of the 10-year-old rum will be sold.

The last release of Bundaberg Black was five years ago.

Ms Kelly said the rum would never be tasted but some customers were so eager for a taste they stopped at the bar for a drop.

Barry Bogan, who started lining up at about 6pm on Saturday, was among the first to try the rum.