14 Mar

Poles Apart in Colombia with Dictador

Wandering around the Las Vegas International Bar and Night Club show is an otherworldly existence. Model Agencies from as far away as LA had been tapped to provide skimpily clad marketing assistants, but Dictador’s stand stood out.  Its models in kitschy festishistic outfits matched its black bottles, coated in sensual rubber smooth enough to make anyone think that they had incorporated lubricant in the glass.

Dictador is a Columbian Rum born, or rather reborn, of an unusual match. Polish fashion designer Tomasz Bogdanski was on vacation in Cartagena when he tasted the product made by Hernan Parra Arango’s family distillery. Hernan’s father had urged closing the business down,  but he wanted to keep it going, and Bogdanski’s capital and global sales team, not to mention his design and marketing skills led to the happy combination with Hernan as the President and Mariusz Jawoszek as Chairman.

But the rum is almost as smooth as the bottle!  Selling in 12, 20 and XO, it is a mature rum, subtle but with the oak overtones and clearly has no sugar added. Solera rums often tend to be on the sweeter side but in this is a rum for grownups, and in fact won a gold medal in the Polished Palate  category in. It has already been selling worldwide, including in China, and is now launching in the US.

In solidarity with the Dictador!

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