St Lucia pioneers WIRSPA De Luxe range

St Lucia Rum Receives Top Honour
Tuesday, 14 June 2011 21:28
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Chairmans Reserve RumsSt. Lucia Distillers Ltd has become the first company to be certified to use the highest tier of the Authentic Caribbean Rum Marque which is administered by the West Indies Rum & Spirits Producers Association Inc. (WIRSPA).

A new brand, 1931 – A Celebration of 80 years of St. Lucian Rum Making – was accredited to bear the ‘Deluxe’ level emblem of the Authentic Caribbean Rum Marque at a recent meeting of WIRSPA. This follows previous accreditation for Admiral Rodney, Chairman’s Reserve and TØZ at the standard tier.

The WIRSPA Deluxe rum marque is given to rums that have been 100% matured for a minimum of 5 years. Products in this category reflect the true artistry of the master blender. Products are likely to be blended from a wide palette of aged rums in differing styles. Many will be older but all will be aged for a minimum of 5 years. This classification bears the word ‘Deluxe’ and displays five barrels.

Dr. Frank Ward, Chairman of WIRSPA, said “I am delighted that this certification has been granted to St. Lucia Distillers Ltd. In creating the first brand of rum to be accredited at this top level a small but extremely vibrant rum company based in the OECS has shown to the whole of the Caribbean that vision and innovation are key attributes to success and size is not all. I hope others will soon follow this example.”

Mr. Laurie Barnard, Managing Director of St. Lucia Distillers Ltd who accepted the award from Mr. Paul Brummel, British High Commissioner said “It is a great achievement for us to become the first company to be accredited in this way and is testament to the energy and commitment of the whole team to produce rums of excellence that can lead the way in world markets”.

The brand, which is to be officially launched in July at the Imbibe Bar Show in London is blended from a selection of the finest rums laid down at the distillery between 1999 and 2004. Every bottle will be numbered and the first run will comprise 6,000 bottles. Every year will see a change in the colour of the label and presentation box as well as the rums comprising the blend.

1931 – A Celebration of 80 years of St. Lucian Rum Making will therefore become a collectors piece for true connoisseurs of great rum. Demand for this new super premium rum from European and American markets has been high, but St. Lucia Distillers has set aside 500 bottles for St. Lucian consumers who will be able to pre-order from the distillery prior to the international launch in July.

The First edition of 1931 will be released at the Bar Show in London in July 2011 and thereafter at Rum Fest in London in October each year.

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Pusser Pays Up!

Pusser’s Rum bounty for Navy Tot Fund
Tuesday, 07 June 2011
Admiral David Steel & Charles Tobias


7 June 2011

Pusser’s Rum bounty for Navy Tot Fund
Substantial donation handed over on HMS Victory

Charles Tobias, President and founder of Pusser’s Rum, has presented a cheque for £25,000 to the Royal Navy Sailors Fund arising from world-wide sales of the rum over the past year. Pusser’s has become known around the world as the authentic rum that fuelled the courage of British sailors for more than 350 years.

The cheque was accepted by Rear Admiral David Steel, CBE, Naval Secretary and Chief of Staff in the Great Cabin of Lord Nelson’s Flagship HMS Victory on behalf of the naval charity, otherwise known as the Tot Fund.

The Fund was set up by the Admiralty as recompense for discontinuing the tradition of serving a daily rum tot to sailors on ships of the Royal Navy.

Apart from the interest generated on the original capital sum, Pusser’s annual donation is the Fund’s largest source of income having topped well over £1 million since its inception in 1981. The Fund provides a variety of amenities for serving members of the Royal Navy.

The daily rum tot was one of the longest unbroken traditions of the Royal Navy and was the highlight of the sailor’s day. It was on 31 July 1970,known as Black Tot Day, that the serving of the daily rum issue was discontinued. However, in 1979 entrepreneur Charles Tobias obtained the original blend specification for Pusser’s Rum from the Admiralty and commercially started blending Pusser’s Rum for public consumption. In appreciation, Pusser’s Rum makes a donation from worldwide sales to the Sailors Fund.

Pusser’s was the only rum served in the Royal Navy and it is this authentic navy rum that is bottled under the Pusser’s Rum label today. It is designated as the Official Rum of the Royal Naval Association.

VISUAL: Charles Tobias MBE with Rear Admiral David Steel CBE, Naval Secretary and Chief of Staff on HMS Victory

Unlike most other rums, Pusser’s is totally natural, with no sugar or flavouring agents added. Distillation from hand-crafted old wooden pot stills gives Pusser’s its flavour enhanced by a low alcohol recovery level of 57% which contrasts to the higher recovery levels of today’s metal stills. Pusser’s Blue Label remains at the standard 54.5% ABV set by the Admiralty all those years ago.


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