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27 Nov

Spirits of Americas – new event

 Entry & Shipping Deadline   Friday January 11, 2013   IWSC Group launches Spirits of the Americas 10-02-2012 The IWSC Group, the world leading event company specializing in wines and spirits has launched the Spirits of the Americas, an exciting new spirits competition based in Florida. Catering to all spirits produced in North, Central and South […]

27 Nov

Tequila, agave’s answer to the cane!

My apologies to readers and visitors. I have been working on a book on Tequila, travelling, and suffering from a heart condition, but am now back in business. And this shows some of what I have been working on. GP Libations No.1: TEQUILA PERHAPS THE BEST PLACE TO START IS WITH THE DISTINCTIVELY RUGGED BOTTLE […]

27 Nov

Rum, first love is best!

GP Libations No. 2: RUM   JAMES BEARD, THE RENOWNED CHEF, FOOD WRITER and seminal figure in advancing American gastronomy, whom Julia Child once accurately described as, “the quintessential American cook” said of rum, “Of all the spirits in your home, rum is the most romantic.” And in many ways Mr. Beard was right. One […]

27 Nov

Age in Palate of Besniffer

GP Libations No. 3: Aging Spirits A PHILOSOPHICAL QUESTION: Given a choice between the Mona Lisa and an identical copy thereof, which would you prefer? Understandably, albeit perhaps illogically, most of us would select the original. In a similar vein, we prefer a fine spirit that has actually been aged a quarter-century over one that […]

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