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  1. Hey Ian,

    Glad to see the site back up. Any chance of a new book coming out. Loved the last one.


  2. Thanks
    It will take a while to put all the links etc back up… if you can think of any suggestions that I can run past my agent, I’d be happy to indulge. Rum was fun to research and write!

  3. Great site, Ian. I guess I had forgotten that we both are children of colonialist nations–hence the rum connection. Oh, well–it dilutes the guilt! Look forward to reading the book.


  4. Hi Ian,

    I think the website is pretty cool. To borrow a bad sci-fi pun from Bradbury, “you have my Vogt of thanks” for such an interesting place to visit. (Sorry I couldn’t help myself as I just had to get an obscure reference to two of my favourite Golden Age authors in there)

    Anyway, I added you to my Blogroll, which should have been done long ago.


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  6. Ian,

    I can’t find your business card anywhere, and therefore your email. If you get this please email me. Heading to RumFest at your suggestion!


  7. As you may know the current massive subsidies to Puerto Rico and especially the USVI threaten the survival of Caribbean rum as we know it, and smaller distillers in the United States as well. Phil Prichard, among many others, has spoken out vigorously against these stupendous subsidies (totaling over $4 Billion). All smaller distillers, here and in the Caribbean may not survive.

    Please know that a number of rum websites are organizing to fight back. An formal petition has been established, as well a Press Kit. If you would like to receive a press kit, please respond by email, and we will email it to you. We assume you care about this issue, and are pleased to supply you with all relevent data.


    Capn Jimbo
    The Rum Project

  8. Hey Ian,

    Do you have an email address we could contact you on? I was trying to find something on the site but wasn’t having much luck.


  9. Hi Richard, you can get me at rum@igc.org

    I have been ill and under serious pressure for some time now and am only just surfacing. Happy to talk. Skype is Palaeologus and phone is 001 917 362 1477

  10. Dennis, thanks, I have been bowled over with life for some time and only just surfacing now! Hope to see you soon and to maintain the site better!

  11. Hi ‘Pundit…I surf by every few months to see if you’re up and about again. Hope all is well. Will you continue adding content here in the near future? Certainly hope so.

  12. Thanks for enquiring. I have had a horrendous time that not even rum could cure. But coming back and hope to revive activity on the site soon.

  13. Hi Ruminsky,
    I am back to life after three years trying to rewrite the book of Job as an autobiography. Wrote Tequila, a Global History, worked on the history of Appleton Estate, and am considering a updated version of Rum: A Social & Sociable History.

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