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14 Mar

Holey Dollar

Love the headline! Rum Pundit Dollar Strengthens on Divine Intervention Published on Mon, 14/03/2011, 11:43:03 |   By Jordan Gelbart Australian owned rum Holey Dollar has continued its winning streak at international spirits competitions, being awarded ‘Master’ and ‘Gold’ status at The Spirit Masters Series. The series is held by The Spirits Business Magazine with […]

12 Mar

Privateer Rum opens shop

The Spirit of a Privateer: Privateer International Opens Distillery Posted on 03/10/11 at 11:00pm by webmaster   The Spirit of a Privateer: Privateer International Opens Distillery Andrew Cabot opens rum distillery in Ipswich, MA Ipswich, MA (Vocus/PRWEB) March 10, 2011 It was an economic instigator for the American Revolution. George Washington insisted on having it […]

27 Feb

PR for PR!

Recovering from the desertion of Cap’n Morgan, PR Rums kick back! Rumpundit. Rums of Puerto Rico Encourages Consumers to ‘Just Think, Puerto Rican Rum’ 2011 Campaign to Remind Consumers of another way Puerto Rico Does it Better Rums of Puerto Rico February 23, 2011 3:17pm EST NEW YORK, Feb. 23, 2011 — /PRNewswire/ — If […]

27 Feb

Seven Fathom hits new heights..

Sceptics have cast doubt on their claim to age their rum at a depth of seven fathoms… but it’s taking off! Rumpundit Expansion creates new jobs soon Posted Sat, Feb 26th 2011, 07:38 (Grand Cayman – CITN) –   The Cayman Islands Distillery, a small local business that are the makers of Seven Fathoms Rum, […]

10 Feb

Only in America

As the article says, these were hardly key markets, but Pernod seems to have reacted to Bacardi vigorously – this is a global grog fight. Rum Pundit GLOBAL: Bacardi sees Havana Club trademark revoked in all but US By: editorial team | 10 February 2011 Decrease font size Increase font size Comment on this […]

04 Feb

Bacardi distills Spanish Court decisions

A somewhat disingenuous version of events, which downplays that the company lost the case – and does not mention that it has lost every case on the issue outside the US, where its lobbying power in Washington keeps it on top. The family obsession is self defeating – Rumpundit. Spain’s Supreme Court Upholds Fundamental Arguments […]

03 Feb

Havana Trumps

Bacardi is losing friends and wasting money with this futile battle over a brand that was not theirs to begin with. They cannot win outside stacked US courts and create ill will everywhere else in the world. They have legitimate grouses against Castro, who turned on them after they bankrolled his rebellion, but this is […]

28 Jan

Just What the DR ordered!

DR is top Caribbean rum exporter Dominican premium rum is the leading seller in Europe, as reported in Listin Diario. Last year the country exported two million boxes of rum to Spain alone. Local consumption in 2010 was 4.2 million boxes, down from a high of 5.5 million boxes. The DR heads the list of […]

29 Dec

Just What the DR Ordered

Got to doubt the bit about distillation since Christopher Columbus! But he did plant the first sugar cane in the Western Hemisphere there! – Rumpundit. Notitas De Noticias Tuesday December 28, 2010 ‘Dominican Rum’ Must be Made from Sugar Cane Says Dominican Officials or Its Not Our Rum 0 Comments Published at 9:56 am, December […]

09 Nov

Angostura hits Scots first

The fact that they had to identify Angostura as the makers of the bitters suggests Ian Burrell has his work cut out for him! _Rumpundit Angostura begins European masterclass tour | Print | Written by Carol Emmas Tuesday, 09 November 2010 Rum maker and producer Angostura, began a European tour starting in Scotland to educate bartenders in […]

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