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18 Feb

Pink Pigeon outflies Dodo!

One can see why the name of Mauritius’s most famous bird, the Dodo, might not have appealed to marketing types- as dead as a…! Rumpundit Pink Pigeon Rum “Creative agency devilfish and Buddy have joined forces to launch a new rum brand for Berry Bros. & Rudd, one of the world’s oldest wine and spirit merchants. […]

21 Jan

Not in the US!

Havana Club’s ultra-premium Selection de Maestros Business and Economy 01 / 21 / 2011 20 January 2011 By admin. Following two successful years in the UK and other select markets, Havana Club is extending the availability of its authentic Cuban Barrel Proof rum by launching it globally as Havana Club Selección de Maestros. In a […]

06 Jan

Cuba launches Ron Caney

Haven’t had time to check, but it looks like this might be made in the former Bacardi plant! -Rumpundit. Cuba-Ron Company launches New Rum to the Market Havana, Cuba, Jan 5.- Renown Cuba-Ron S.A Company launched the Caney 12 years to the market, a new product of excellent quality that represents the best traditions of […]

05 Jan

Colombia’s other product: Ron Caldas Grand Reserve

I recently tasted some of Colombia’s finest, Ron Viejo de Caldas Grand Reserve or Caldas Grand Reserve Rum, and was as impressed as many Colombians told me I would be. Distilled in the Caldas region in the heart of the country, the original recipe was designed by a Cuban distiller brought in to lend his […]

30 Dec

Another Stiff One on the Way

Ron Jeremy Wants You to Open Up and Swallow His Rum Rum, as all alcohol, is meant for adults. Next year, however, infamous adult star Ron Jeremy is launching his “adult” rum, making him another Johnny-come-lately–or Ronny-come-lately, if you’ll indulge–on the celebrity booze scene. Ron de Jeremy, which will be available next month for sale […]

13 Dec

Bright Day for Bundy Black Fans

Crowd braves rain for Bundy Black 13th December 2010 * * * EAGER punters lined up overnight outside the Bundaberg Rum Bondstore to get their hands on a bottle of limited edition Bundaberg Black. Distillery manager Anthony Mortimer welcomes local identity Barry Bogan to the bar where he eagerly pours out a glass of his […]

27 Aug

On the Whole, I’m glad I was in Philadelphia.

As I approached Adam Kanter’s Rum Bar and saw my name in lights (well chalk, actually) under “40 Years since Black Tot Day,” Sergeant Pepper began to run through my head. “It was 40 years ago today The Navy took the rum away. But it’s never gone out of Style Black Tot’s been around a […]

27 Aug

Havana Club – Master’s Choice

I hope their tasters are better than their translators. Whatever happened to their 15 year old, which even in Havana was ridiculously priced? – Rum Pundit. New Brand of Havana Club Rum to Hit the Market Soon HAVANA, Cuba, Aug 26 (acn) Havana Club International S.A. will soon launch a new brand of this world […]

29 Jul

Black Tot Day! 31 July 1970-2010 RIP

Ian Williams, Rumpundit, commiserates Black Tot Day. Saturday  31 July is the 40th Anniversary of Black Tot Day when the Royal Navy abandoned the daily grog ration for its sailors. Do hoist  a dark rum to mark the occasion. The British decision to abandon a centuries-old tradition of high octane fighting spirit and replace it […]

28 Jul

Appleton 30 hits UK

Appleton launches 30-year-old rum | Print | Written by Carol Emmas Tuesday, 27 July 2010 Appleton Estate is launching a rare 30-year-old rum in the UK market that has a world wide distribution of less than 1500 bottles. The Appleton Estate 30 Year Old Jamaica Rum will be available in luxury and boutique accounts. Each bottle is […]

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