Fourth of July Malibu mix

Fourth of July Malibu rum cocktail recipe

June 30, 9:39 PM

Here’s a recipe for a fruity and festive red, white, and blue cocktail that is perfect for the Fourth of July. It’s sweet but not too sweet and has a hint of summery coconut flavor.


2 oz malibu rum

4 oz cranberry juice (or pomegranate juice)

2 to 3 oz club soda

2 to 3 cut up lychees (fresh or canned)*

small handful of blueberries (and/or blackberries)

small handful of ice cubes


Start by adding the ice cubes and fruit to an old fashioned or highball glass. Next, add the rum and juice and mix everything together. Finally, top it all off with the club soda. Once you finish the drink feel free to eat the fruit inside. MMM antioxidants.

*If you use canned lychees you might also want to add a splash of the lychee juice or syrup. If you can’t find lychees at all, however, don’t worry about it. They’re just a fun little touch, but they don’t significantly affect the desired outcome of the beverage. For those who want to try them but don’t know where to look, check out the produce or canned fruit sections of your local grocery stores. Chances are most chain stores won’t carry them (especially the fresh ones), but Whole Foods does on occasion. As of last week (the third week of June 2009), the Whole Foods on Preston Road in Plano was selling small packages of fresh lychees in the produce section. Also, any of the area Asian markets always stock the canned variety and occasionally fresh as well.

Recipe Serves One

Cheers! And remember, always drink responsibly.

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