Rum: A Social & Sociable History of the Real Spirit of 1776

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    Rob McCulloch Says:

    We did not enter our Rum in the worls spirits Compitition this year but are sure the old way of distilling Makes the best Rum. We do sell our Mountain Dew {American Vodka) and American Recipe 1776 Rum In Ohio and Florida I have not had one club/store owner who tasted ours against any top shelf choose other than ours. Guess the old way is best Cheers Rob McCulloch 937-725-5588

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    Renee Says:

    Hello Mr. McCulloch,
    I represent an American rum from Massachusetts called Privateer. The owner is Andrew Cabot whose ancestor distilled rum in the 1700’s.
    I would love to try your rum and have you try ours. I need to relocate to FL due to family and will be looking for a brand ambassador type position, specializing in events and sales.
    Hope to chat sometime.
    Splice the main sail! (I’m sure you know what that meant in olden times).

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    Rumpundit Says:

    I have been ill and travelling. Drop me a line at and 917 362 1477 if you need to contact!

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