Rum: A Social & Sociable History of the Real Spirit of 1776

3 thoughts on “Rum: A Social & Sociable History of the Real Spirit of 1776

  1. We did not enter our Rum in the worls spirits Compitition this year but are sure the old way of distilling Makes the best Rum. We do sell our Mountain Dew {American Vodka) and American Recipe 1776 Rum In Ohio and Florida I have not had one club/store owner who tasted ours against any top shelf choose other than ours. Guess the old way is best Cheers Rob McCulloch 937-725-5588

  2. Hello Mr. McCulloch,
    I represent an American rum from Massachusetts called Privateer. The owner is Andrew Cabot whose ancestor distilled rum in the 1700’s.
    I would love to try your rum and have you try ours. I need to relocate to FL due to family and will be looking for a brand ambassador type position, specializing in events and sales.
    Hope to chat sometime.
    Splice the main sail! (I’m sure you know what that meant in olden times).

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